Scapular pain vertical lifts, deadlift, rack pulls

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Scapular pain vertical lifts, deadlift, rack pulls

Post by Kubensis » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:47 pm


left shoulder is a bit more mobile, less muscle I can retract it like an inch more than my right if that matters.

Forward shoulders, thumbs don't point at each other, but if a laser came out of my thumbs they'd intersect like an X if they are at my sides.

When deadlifting I was fine, but not conscious of my shoulder position. I was also doing "heavy" rows that day.

I'm a new lifter, and my back feels pretty strong compared to the rest of my body (i don't work it much either)

I was doing 200lb deadlifts 1x5 (did 2 more, later on, to see if I could... lol)

and then I did 105lb rows 3x8

Now my scapula hurts, or somewhere around that area, it's hard to feel where specfically.

When i do rackpulls with retracted scapula (only 100lbs to try and recreate pain) it doesn't hurt.

When i do rackpulls with neutral shoulders and tight lats, it doesn't hurt really, but i'm sure it could be less consistent.

If i throw my shoulders forward far and pull it definitely hurts. Feels to be on the ridge of the inner scapula? don't take my word for it. it's very hard to tell. it's a straight line up though.

If i breathe deep it hurts too.

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