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Post by tmvngocdung99 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:01 pm

So after a few months contemplating it I tacked on the barbell deadlift to my routine. Here is how it went.

First let me say that I am out of shape, other than roundm and my life to this point has not been an active one. I started working out in early 2010 after my lower back had me in bed for a few days out of nowhere. I weighed 350ish then and dropped down to 270, stayed there till June of last year then managed to get myself up to 313+ (didn't weigh until after a week of exercise/diet) after some stuff started happening and I stopped exercising and began to eat poorly again. But I am back down to 302 now. I have mentioned before that my upper body is good for video games and desk work and my lower body is good for moving 300 pounds around. Now I am back to good cardio 5 days a week and phasing weight lifting back in slowly. Oh and eating better (between 2300 to 2500 cal/day). Point is my flexibility sucks and I have a very weak set of "core" muscles.

After reading as much as I could about the deadlift online and here I settled on a starting weight of 95 lbs. I was able to bang out 10 reps of these with ease noting every bump on my shins on the way up. I took the 25's off and put 35's. I did 3 sets of 3. The weight wasn't challenging. But my form was garbage and I didn't want to risk anything. I would notice things like the bar was moving against one leg and not the other (on the way down). Or I would try to focus finishing the move with the glutes and use my back. I suppose I should just work on form, form, form, form and not make it a main movement when I go to the gym until I figure this thing out.

The biggest takeaway for me is that this movement requires some serious focus. But remember that I am transitioning off of machines still, even though most of my work with with dumbbell now.

Here's what I gathered from the internets:

1. Shoulder width stance or a little wider.
2. bar over the center of my feet.
3. bend down and grab bar, bending knees until my shins touch the bar.
4. lift by pushing through feet until knees are locked out, then rotate back as a unit until upright
5. This one is the hard part for me for now, put the bar back on the floor by performing steps 4 and 3.
6. Pause for a second or so then goto step one.

So I think that if I focus I can get through steps 1-4 pretty easily. However, if I lose focus just for a split second I get things out of sequence.

Anyways, here is my plan.

0. Work on flexibility: stretches, etc.
1. Work on abs and erector spinae muscles. (hyper extension machine?)
2. Work on form with 115 lbs until I get it
3. Incorporate it fully to my "go to the gym days"

Any thoughts?


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