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need help?

Post by mikemikeee » Mon May 28, 2018 2:19 am

The Wall Squats where you are facing the wall with your toes touching the wall and then squatting down. I found this exercise online and I went to try doing them to see if they were easy or not. It looked easy but....When I tried to do it, my body wants to fall over onto my butt and I found out it was not easy.

Is it due to anterior pelvic tilt? and is wall squats an exercise teaching you how to squat correctly without sticking your butt too far out into anterior pelvic tilt? That is what I am thinking.

What are the progressions to these so I can be able to squat down without falling over? I know it teaches proper form without sticking butt out too far and bending over too far into anterior pelvic tilt.