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Hi guys, i have a question, please help me

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:07 pm
by davidscot
Was wondering if anyone could help me setup a workout to maintain muscle and endurace. Been lifting weights for two years after a 3 year lay off. Im 27 and work light contruction durning the week and work on our farm on the weeken so i dont get much rest. Been doing a fullbody mass workout two days a week Mon and Fri and a 20 min cardio in betwen these days. Also tried and 4 day split workout and a fullbody hit workout only working out once a week. Been on a 50%carb 25%protien and 25%fat 3000 to 3200 cal diet. I got stronger and all of these workouts but after 3 to 4 weeks i felt overtrained. So now i just would like to do a simple full body workout to maintain strength with alittle cardio mixed in. Really dont know how many sets to do and how many days to workout. Would like to do a workout which involves bench, bent over rows, shoulder press, squats, stiff legg deadlift, biciep curls, triceip extn., and situps with 10 to 15min cardio at the end. Any suggustions?