No rack - the next best thing for squats?

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No rack - the next best thing for squats?

Post by msmile042 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:50 am

I'll keep it short - at the start of May I plan to do starting strength - but I only have 22kg bells (50lb) and a smith machine in my work gym.

So what do I do? to put it simply...

Do I get the bar on my shoulders and play it VERY safe? do I set up an area behind me thats 99% safe to bail onto (if theres such thing as a very safe way to bail on a squat without a rack)

couple of notes:
- Gym is at work, skipping it (going gym after work) would suck - its a massive bonus being able to go in working hours

- I live with parents, my bedroom at a wild guess is 12x12 feet but obviously chop some size off that for bed/very large desk - not very practical to buy a rack and a "grown up" bar (I have a set of light weights I used to use - pretty much positive these would be useless for squats quite simply because their combined weight is low)

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