a quick question about the calf

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a quick question about the calf

Post by rosabella » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:45 am

Apologies in advance if this is an imprecise or fuzzy question:

I am wondering if heavy calf raises can put me at risk for an achilles tear (or calf strain) or if they actually build you up so that it is less likely.

FYI: I have for the last several months been lifting VERY consistently and getting great gains. But have really (for first time in life) emphasized going up in weight very slowly. I have to do 2 weeks perfect, before I allow myself to raise the weight and then do so in smalles increment. In general, this has served me (I think) very well. As I have not gotten injured and still end up at or close to failure (you keep going up, you get to limits....and then with time...the limits change.) I am 44 yo...and have had various previous ortho injuries...including a "snap" calf strain.

I am 5-8, 162, 10% bf.

I do 2 sets of 10 on calf raises on the standing machine, SINGLE LEG, alternating left and right and going straight through. I do a one second pause at the top and go for a high top....but not on big toe only (on balls of feet).

I was going all the way down to sort of a "stretch" on the bottom, but am now concerned about that motion.

My calfs are reasonably naturally large (always have been). They are the only muscle that got weaker as I dieted 70# down in last 6 months while lifting (everything else grew great, average of 40% stronger). The indicated calf lifts went up, but not if you include the aspect of lowered body weight. (I was doing BW raises at 230...and recently got up to 62.5 plus BW at 160.)

REcently, calfs had been going up nicely at 2.5#/2 weeks...and I got a little aggressive and decided that the rate was just too slow, given the size of the lift (it is only about 3-4%/month rate of increase). So I decided to "jump" from 62.5 to 70 at my 2 -weeker. Felt harder of course and actually had some pain in my left calf. Now, I am back to 55#.

So....any thoughts, insights, guidance?

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