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Any advice?

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:02 am
by daysofwonder
So, my gym has no real way to do squats. There's a bench press barbell which I just started doing deadlifts with. When I first started lifting again a year ago I moved up on the leg press until I was doing 4 sets of 22 at it's highest weight, which was exhausting and made me hate myself.

I really need some leg exercises other than extensions, curls, calves, adductors and abductors. Today I tried hack squats for the first time. I put 255 total on the bar and popped out three quick sets (10/7/7). Now, there's nothing that feels akward about the movement, it's just that the bar seems to want to scrape the whole way up my hamstrings and butt. I've just started deadlifts and don't lift much weight or even put the weigth down between reps, so I'm not accustomed to the bar scraping my shins there. Is the bar scraping my butt just something I'm supposed to deal with?

It makes me go up on my toes and do other funky things to try and get my butt out of the way. I find that I try to erect my back and throw my shoulders back early, which may be the wrong thing to do. I'm afraid that I'm going to loose my balance and drop the weight on my legs, especially as I go up in weigth. Any advice?