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Cardio recommendation for one only concerned with the health benefits/as no desire to better running ability

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:17 pm
by jco5055

I am using the site to design a workout/lifting routine for myself after years of just following the general 3/5x5 kinda programs. I'm an intermediate strength wise, so I'm quickly finishing up the design of that and feel pretty confident. I don't with the cardio however.

Currently, I've done 3x/wk of a power walking pace on an eliptical for 45 minutes while I read haha. I do enjoy the reading, as well as from my research/use of other sites such as Stronger by Science, they seem to suggest that two hours of LISS cardio a week is about all you need for the overall health benefits while also strength training, with no side effects seen in the weight room etc.

Looking at the Cardio section of this site, there really doesn't seem to be a true sample program for non cardio enthusiasts basically. I guess the closest would be doing the walking programs based on your testing, and then stick to the hardest one indefinitely?

Or how about HIIT? I've seen different opinions on how that works vs LISS when it comes to a person not trying to maximize fat loss (I am a healthy BMI and I just let the weight lifting and my diet be the main causes of my body composition) or in terms of being too intense while also lifting. However if it is just as good for health/has no negative effects in the weight room I would like it if that meant doing less total amount of exercise (like maybe 3x a week for 20 minutes each session or something)?

I'm getting my gf into lifting and she still has that "do a ton of cardio" mindset a lot of non lifters have (she is currently training for a marathon so she isn't available to lift full time with me until after it's done), and she also would definitely enjoy the more "game" like aspects of HIIT or such as opposed to just a monotonous walk or other forms of LISS. I do know that she is open minded enough to do whatever I suggest based on proper research though so that's not necessarily a requirement that we make it "fun".

Thank you!