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trying to get fit again, or not fit but skinny

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:51 pm
by xacevoto
So i've always been overweight through my life.
Most of it is because i got bullied at school when i was a kid, and it didnt really get better, so i started playing computer when i was like 8, and it didnt stop, keept eating junk food and crap.
Now i'm 28, and i keep thinking about my body all the time, i want to be fit and be able to walk without getting tired.
Right now im 1,74 meters, 102,7 KG, and 28 years old.
I dont want to start going to the gym just yet, because last time i tryed i gave up.
Now i wanna do something about it.
So i got a diet plan that im following that i got from a personal trainer last year, wich works good for me.
I'm starting to walk alot, but i notice my feets and legs keep tightening when i walk, is this normal?
I'm extremely bad at pushing myself, hence why i give up most of the time.
Will walking and running be able to make me lose my belly fat?
I'm providing 2 pictures of how i look just right now.
Any tips would be greatfull!, i dont want to give up, i want to prove everyone that im actually capable of doing something in my life.
I do not work, i live by benefits, so i got all day to do anything, give me tips.
Will like ,situps help aswell?