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Post by stuward » Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:54 am

It's possible to injure yourself with bad form with light weights too. In fact a lot of injuries are caused by people not taking prober care with there form when using light weights. When setting up a heavy weight people are more likely to tense up all there supporting muscles which provide mutual support for each other. With lighter weights that care is often not taken and a pulled muscle is the result.

Another reason to vary your rep range is that your body gets used to the rep range causing a plateau. It is easier to break a plateau with rep range changes than exercise changes. A few weeks of low reps might allow you to use more weight when you go back to medium reps.

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Post by DeadFrog » Sat Jan 19, 2008 11:03 am


Well... the thing is I haven't plateaued yet!

I totally agree with you, heavier weights DO lead to better form, I know that for a fact. What I MEANT to say is that if I struggle to grunt out, say that last rep with 275 pounds on bench press, or 290 on stiff leg deadlifts I'm liable to hurt my back versus grunting out that last rep under a lighter weight. Or my abs and groin which are still coming back from hernia surgery 18 months ago.

As you'll see in my next thread, some of my lifts also have high reps because I can't seem to increase the weight far enough for <8 reps due to synergists. For instance I am hideously good at shoulder shrugs and if I increased the weight to a 5 rep range I swear my wrists would fall off.

If I went for lower reps (wherever I could) I probably would need a few more warmup sets to work my way up to that weight, and that would (lengthen) make me split my routine more, which I AM pondering.

Maybe like you said, just a month of 5 reps, and then back....

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Post by pdellorto » Sat Jan 19, 2008 5:59 pm

DeadFrog wrote:
Your sets/reps are general 3 x 8-10. Strength is more easily built in the low (3-5 rep) range. I used to do 10-rep sets for some of my exercises. Once I switched to 5-rep sets based on advice from folks here, I experienced much more rapid strength gains.
I think you guys misunderstood my routine.
Heh, maybe, but I was responding to a post about Damien's routine!


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