More variations, Static Contraction training

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More variations, Static Contraction training

Post by tostig » Sun Jul 20, 2008 1:16 pm

Chris_A wrote this in the "Ironic" thread of the Lounge.
Chris_A wrote:In the powerlifting world, they also train for explosive power. You lower the weight and then push/pull through the exercise as fast as possible. This is often done for sport specific training as well as to help you break through a sticking point in your heavy lifts. It’s called Plyometrics.

Not to mention a lot of the Olympic lifts are fast and explosive movements such as the Clean and Jerk.

Then there is Static Contraction Training where you don’t move at all.
So now my routine includes (or will include):

with the same exercises (DL or Squat, BO Row, Upright BB Row, GM or SL DL, Bench Press or Decl Press or Incl Press)

a week (3days) of 12/10/8 reps
a week of 6/5/4 reps with heavy weights (changed from 3x5 as I thought 5 reps was too little)
and now
once a week of Static Contraction Training (still trying to find my maximum weights)

On Static Contraction Training: I've only done the BB bench press and the leg press machine per the links supplied by Chris.

What other exercises are there?

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