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Symmetry Tips

Post by Rik-Blades » Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:08 am

Made a discovery today, not a good one.

My delts on my left are now noticably smaller than my right.

So, time to address the problem, found the following advice on this site;

"Symmetry Tip
When performing a unilateral exercise, begin with the weaker side first. Then complete only as many repetitions on the stronger side as performed on the weaker side."

Good advice, but my only gripe is that I cant say my left delts are weaker than my right, just smaller.

I put this down to two reasons.

1. My last job. I was a Technician for 7 years and involved moving heavy machinary around in order to access the rear to fix it. All this equipment was a perticular industry standard and only had one way to grab it and pull/lift (min 165Kg). Guess which side had the handle, yep! the side to my right.

2. My lifting routine has Military press, Upright row and lateral raises, all using Barbell. I'm thinking my right has been doing the work, although I do concentrate very hard on form.

I recently started using Dumbells anyway to help break through a plateau stage, but this has only been for 3 weeks so far, but both sides are of equal strength it seems.

My idea would be to go extra heavy on the left and maintain my usual load on the right. I'm also wondering if the 'standard' is to stick to this until the left has completely caught up with the right, or is it best to do it in stages?

Can anyone offer a bit of advice or elaborate on how they have addressed problems like this.



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