Problems keeping form on DB bench

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Problems keeping form on DB bench

Post by Danomite » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:59 am

I have recently moved from BB to DB bench to switch things up and I am noticing a problem keeping my body tight and making the lift whole body.

I BB bench PL style, pretty much the way described by the guys over at Diesel Crew (, and it has done wonders for my numbers.

However with my DB bench I am having quite a few problems keeping tight throughout, I'm losing my shoulder position (shoulder blades not staying back and coming off the bench) which I'm pretty sure is due to my tendency to accidentally bring the DBs a bit together at the top of the movement.

Also, I cannot keep my lats popped out because I can't spread the DBs like a barbell which causes difficulties, and i find I occasionally slide a little along the bench as I can't keep my butt planted quite as well.

My questions are:

Are these fixable problems? Or am I trying to make the DB bench into an exercise that is not (that being BB bench).

Should I be bringing the DBs together at the top of the movement and worrying less about my scapular placement (It is my impression that they should not come together and they should be pinned)?

Finally are there any cues that help make it easier to keep my lats out to assist the movement (much like spreading the bar with the barbell), or is the use of the lats in the DB bench not as big of a deal?

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