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Post by Kyle55 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:14 pm


I am currently working out using the template of the 3 day split Chest & Back, Legs, and Shoulders & Arms. I have been wondering if the switching to a 2 split workout would be more beneficial because then I would be able to hit the various parts of the body twice a week as opposed to once a week. I have done split workouts in the past (Push/Pull) and have stayed with them for a bit only to go back to the 3 day split that I have used for years. So basically I was wondering if anybody had any information on which was better or not, or if perhaps I should try something different. To help I'll provide some background information. I've been working out off and on for about 5 or so years now, the last 2 and a half of which have been much more serious and committed and where I have made more significant gains (due to eating healthier and actually upping the weight instead of doing the same thing constantly). I'm going to say that I'm probably out of the beginners level, but I'm not too sure, so perhaps someone can point that out to me as well. My main concern with a split workout of 2 days is that I may not get a good focus on my shoulders. I had a shoulder injury about a year ago, resulting from weakened rotator cuff and rear delt muscles. I have gone to physio and it has virtually become a non-issue, I just wouldn't want the same problem to come back again if I accidently neglect certain parts of my body. Lastly, I was looking at possibly switching up from doing the push/pull 2 day split to doing the torso/legs & arms 2 day split, but the notes in the bottom suggest that it's only good for 1 or 2 months. I was wondering what the reason was, and if it would change anything if I was planning on doing it every other day (AXBX).

Thank you for assistance that you might provide


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