Your back day?

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Your back day?

Post by RobertB » Thu May 02, 2013 6:54 am

Hi guys, Long time no see.

I've been plodding along maintaining, not really adding much body weight, not really changing things up, but since I've been at the same level for a while I thought I'd rev things up and get back on strict 5/3/1 loading. I haven't missed many sessions but basically been maintaining.

Anyway - the 5/3/1 on the main lifts isn't the issue, I can't ever see using any other periodization for the main lifts, probably stick with 5/3/1 forever.

I'm just curious what your back day looks like at the moment, accessory wise, I'd like to throw in some new exercises to see how they feel, I have no real specific goal but at the moment my back day looks like...

Deadlift (5/3/1)
Dumbbell rows - 3x25 reps
Pull-ups - random reps, 3-5 sets to fail

Occasionally I'll throw in reverse flies, but I'm annoyingly limited with time at the moment, about 40 minutes.
My flatmate got some sensible dumbbells and a pull up ... thing... in our flat so I can do accessory at home when needed in a later "session" if need be. Perhaps lat work? (though I guess the pull ups do well for them)

The reason I throw this question on here rather than experimenting with a random 10 from the directory is I just prefer your judgement than using a larger sample, if someone asked me what to include I'd go mental telling them they have to try dumbbell rows every back session, looking for similar enthusiasm on your favourites, see if I get the same benefit you did when you stumbled upon your fave.

Thanks (good to see the same "faces" are still active here)

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Re: Your back day?

Post by KPj » Thu May 02, 2013 10:03 am

Long time no post!

Um, so it just sounds you like you need to switch up assistance exercises to keep things fresh. Really, the back-exercise-world is your oyster. But i'll ramble on anyway,

I've found that Pendlay Rows make DB rows better. I dropped DB rows to learn Pendlay rows. Went back to DB rows and was significantly stronger. Might not happen with you but, you won't know until you try. For the record I've since dropped Pendlay Rows and doing DB rows again.

If I were to list all of back exercises i'm doing each week just now...

-Conventional Deadlifts

-Sumo Deadlifts

-Suitcase Deadlifts (??? Yes, clutching at straws but, still a deadlift)

-Pull ups

-Pull downs

-Seated Cable Rows (this is quite cool, discovered a new attachment, it's a wide neutral grip and it's cambered for more ROM, feels good)

-DB Rows

-Face pulls

Listed like that, it's actually quite a lot. That's over 2 training days, though. A deadlift day and a bodybuilding-day (accessory day).

Another good shout is adding a chest-supported variation. I do this with clients quite a lot. They'll go from DB rows to chest supported DB rows and back again. Both variations help each other and it all helps the bigger picture...


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Re: Your back day?

Post by robertscott » Thu May 02, 2013 2:33 pm

my back day:

-Straight arm pulldowns (pre-exhaust the lats, gets them working harder during pulldowns)
-Pulldown (overhand, close grip, whatever)
-Row of some kind (lately been liking the chest supported row, good for a squeeeeze)
-Scarecrows (works the upward rotators, something most people neglect)
-Rear Delt Exercise (rear delt flyes, cable stuff, whatever)

done. Doesn't take me too much longer than 40 minutes but I do think I'd struggle to do it within that time.

I also add a little upper back work on my arms day just to get a little more shoulder health stuff in.

Matt Z
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Re: Your back day?

Post by Matt Z » Thu May 02, 2013 3:27 pm

I have two upper-body workouts and two leg workouts. I do Bent-over Rows (barbell) on one of my upper days, and Overhand Pull-ups and Rear Delt Rows (dumbbell) on the other. Deadlifts (Conventional or Romanian) are included in one of my leg workouts, while Barbell High Pulls are included in the other.

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