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Chocolate protein bars - improvised!

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:44 pm
by emil3m
The bars are raw and the carbs are slow. They do not spoil--throw them in a bag for the day (no dairy, no eggs).

% of Prot:Carb:Fat ~ 50:35:15

Protein~30g, Carb~20g, Fiber~5g, Fat~10g, Calories~300

Recipe for 9 servings:
120g - Quick Oats (organic)
200g - Casein (vanilla)
100g - Whey (cinnamon graham cracker)
80g - Almond butter (sugar and salt free)
80g - Cacao powder (raw, organic, unsweetened)
80g - Honey (raw, unheated, unprocessed, organic)
18oz - Almond milk (original flavor, unsweetened, organic)

Directions: [1] Blend oats into a powder [2] Mix everything thoroughly until the consistency is smooth
[3] Cast evenly into a brownie tray [4] Cut into 9 even pieces [5] Cover the tray [6] Refrigerate for 24 hours
*You may want to open the tray a few times. Wipe off condensation and let air in. It will dehydrate and settle the bars.
**Steps 1--5 pictured. Appliances used: blender, k-word scale, hand mixer, giant mixing bowl, brownie tray with a cutting grid and a lid.