Big, Strong, Lean Routine

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Drake Van Steed
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Big, Strong, Lean Routine

Post by Drake Van Steed » Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:31 pm

Catchy name, right? I thought I'd post my current routine. I've been making some great gains.

Big: Rep range is designed to induce hypertrophy. 8-12 on upper body. Sometimes I do sets of 6 if I feel like it. Mix it up. 20-30 on legs, sometimes sets of 15, which works for me, but you of course can use the range that works for you.

Strong: While not a power routine, the focus is on basic compound movement and progressive resistance. When you reach the upper end of your rep range, add weight. Wow, that makes you bigger too. Use free weights--barbells and dumbbells-- unless you have to use machines to work around an injury or a biomechanical issue.

Lean: This is not a "cutting routine" but can get you lean. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. My diet in servings per day roughly and usually: Meat 2; dairy 2-3; Grains: 12; vegetables 2-4; fruit: 2-4. I take a scoop of whey after my workout either in a smoothie or in a shot of water with my breakfast. Works for me. Do what works for you. You know what junk is- don't eat that. The routine involves circuits and supersets so it will jack your metabolism way, way up. Believe you can add muscle and lose fat at the same time. You can.

Here it is. Alternate upper body and lower body. Do 3 days a week, every other day, or 4 days a week depending on your preference and recovery ability. E.g. Upper A, Rest, Lower A, Rest, Upper B, Rest, Lower B, Rest... Walk 30-60 minutes a day.

Upper Body A.
3 Sets each:
Superset: Bench Press; overhand pullups
Superset: Close grip bench press*; underhand chinups
Superset: Shoulder press; elbows out row
*sometimes do lying French press

Upper Body B.
3 Set each:
Superset: Incline Bench Press; overhand pullups
Superset: Dips or close grip bench press; row
Superset: Upright Row or dumbbell side laterals depending on shoulder health; curl or underhand chinups

Lower A
Perform as a circuit 2 times:
Calf raise
Split leg squat
leg curl on swiss ball
sumo deadlift
Ab circuit: swiss ball crunch; bicycles, hanging leg raises

Lower B
Superset: squat; bodyweight squat jumps; static hold squat or wall squat
Superset: calf raise, one leg hops; stretch calves
Superset: Split leg squat; bodyweight split leg squat jumps; static hold lunge
Superset: swiss ball leg curl; back extension
Superset: sumo deadlift; bodyweight sumo deadlift jumps; static hold wide stance squat
Ab circuit x 2: hanging leg raises; swiss ball crunch, bycycles

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