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inversion boots/gravity boots

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:07 pm
by soulblazer27
greetings, I've been having lower back pain that extends into my legs. An old injury coming back. chiro and acupuncture had no qualms with inversion therapy, so ive proposed to do it at the gym since i dont have a bar at home.

my questions today are:
1. has anyone had success with the boots?
2. when you use them do you exercise the same day?
-if you choose to exercise, at what point in your routine do you hang upside down?

i considered doing it at the beginning and/or after cardio before i lift, or after my entire routine. I wanted to get some feedback so I can safely do it. I've tried using it at all 3 stages of my routine and found personally that I enjoy it more when ive finished some cardio. followed by some other stretches on a mat.

any advice appreciated, thanks :)