My local gym is......

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Re: My local gym is......

Post by wilburburns » Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:29 am

Our local World's Gym sold out to Gold's Gym in the early 2000's. Then about 2007-8 or so, the Gold's Went out of business/sold out to Urban Active.

Nothing ever changed, except the name on the buildings and they all resemble more of a "Health Club" than a meathead Gym.

3 - rooms for the Cardio of the Month classes
tons of cardion equipment (treadmills, ellipticals)
tons of machines
womens only room (Don't know what was in there)
private personal training room (only bosu balls and small steps in there)
over in the corner was the free weight area with 1 cage and 1 smith machine. There was a decent selection of DB's and benches, but they were all crowded together.

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Re: My local gym is......

Post by stuward » Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:37 pm

This is my gym: ... fault.aspx" onclick=";return false;
There are 3 miltary gyms in town as the base here is spread out. The gym I go to has the best weight room and has a climbing wall. The other 2 have pools and squash courts and 1 has a nice indoor running track.

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