Question about grapplers journal ?

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Question about grapplers journal ?

Post by KadenAra » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:52 am

We were experiencing an internet outage here, so I was unable to post any logs, but we're back up now, so I should be able to update this.

didnt workout yesterday, duty first.

last workout was chest/tri day. don't recall exact weights in everything, but i do know my decline press. (this is my benchmark I am shooting for, when I was in my best shape, I repped 275ish). It should be noted that these wieghts are on a HammerStrength, not barbell.

When I started working out about 3-4 weeks ago, I was repping 160. As of yesterday, I am up to 230. So muscle memory is working in my favor.

Barbell bench press is kinda ticking me off, because I have no workout partner I can't go all out, so I'm currently at 155x9. If I had a partner, I'm sure I would be able to do an extra 10-15lbs, but I don't feel like dropping anything on my chest.

Everything else is moving up pretty good, I'm focusing a lot more on perfect form than I did in the past.

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