hi guys, i need your help

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hi guys, i need your help

Post by themoon » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:35 pm

After a good 2 years or so on this site, and only a small amount of posts, I figured it was time to put up a log. Maybe putting this out there will give me the inspiration I truly need.

A little history: Just turned 23 years old, been training off an on since about 18, but only started training properly about 2 years ago (adding in compounds), but only consistently for just over a year. 6'2, hover around 185 (+/- 2 lb any given day), pretty low body fat, long torso, but at 6'2 my limbs aren't exactly fun to do bench with. Trained for strength originally, now a BB style approach, however still train the big 3 for strength most of the year.

I have a very, very high metabolism. I drank 4L of 2% milk (just over a gallon, couldn't stomach whole until I switched over a few months ago) a day and still didn't see appreciable gains (along with meals) meaning ~3500 cals in a day. Protein was always >200g. I have since started gorging, and am seeing some results (was up to 190 end of Oct), and hopefully will start breaking PRs that seem stubborn due to undereating.

My PRs are as follows:
Squat: 315x1
Deadlift: 325x2 (I have a weird problem, clearly a setup problem, where the second pull in a set is easier than the first)
Bench: 200x5 (never tried a 1rm, too scared, spotter is not strong enough for me to trust doing this)
Military Press: 155x3

After a 3-4 week hiatus (worked out 1-2 times in this time) due to sickness and a sprained hand, I decided to come back to the gym and do a cycle of GVT. I have done GVT once before, in April of this year, and it was great, gained about 5lbs in the month I had done this. I also enjoy doing it, and it was time to do something different.

So this is my first day of GVT:

Nov 21st - 184
Incline BB Bench - 105#: 10 10 10 8 6 6 5 6 5 4
Pronated Medium Grip pullups - BW: 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 3 3
DB rows - 65s: 3x10/side
Chest Dips - 7, 5, 4

Pretty difficult day, having not worked out properly since just before halloween.

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