How to Training Journal ?

Log workouts, diet, goals, and personal bests

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How to Training Journal ?

Post by treebamboo » Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:09 am

Monday: Sixth Form Game
Tuesday: National League training/External Resistance
Wednesday: Academy Training
Thursday: National Leage Training/External Resistance
Friday: Sixth Form Training/Footwork + shooting
Saturday: National league game
Sunday: Rest or scrimmage

Supplements: Whey Protein, Generic MultVit and sometimes Omega Oils.

4 Week constant load lower body strength/power along with upper body hypertrophy.

External Resistance
Cleans 3x1 @ 97.5% +
Full Squat 3x6 @ 85%
Bench Press 3x8 @70%
Supine Row 3x8 @ BW

Note: I missed pre season and the first half of the national league season due to a second degree anterior talo-fibular ligament tear in my right ankle. I am now testing the new aircast ankle brace for aircast, so I will be wearing this during all my basketball sessions, as I have been doing anyway.

PR Lifts:

Clean: 70kg
Full Squat: 120kg
Bench Press: 80kg

Yes I know my clean is relativly low, however I have just implemented them into my training due to having only just learning the correct technique.

Due to injury I have not lifted for 6 months, over the last two weeks I have been progressivly building back up.

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