Current Routine 2011

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Current Routine 2011

Post by Hoister » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:15 pm

5 km run @ 5 am, followed by.
Barbell complex (2" handle): power snatch / front squat, sots press, overhead squat (up) / push press / romanian deadlift / bent over row x 100reps x 100lbs

every other day, in evening:
farmers walk x 50 paces x 10 sets x 175lbs each hand
1 arm snatches x 30 reps (each hand) x 115lbs
Finisher (select one, alternate each session) with clean and jerk or snatch - singles up to a max for day in 10lb increments up and then back down. (add plates and go until fail, strip plates and go until start weight of 100lbs).

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