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Re: Bringing Back Big Red from the Dead.

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:48 am
by Red144
Here is what i accomplished this morning:

Deload Squat day:

Hang Cleans:
I wasn't entirely sure what to do on my deload day, so i figured a little bit of power work with some Olympic lifts would be fun. Plus, Hang cleans are mostly quad dominant if i am not mistaken, unless i am doing them wrong, ha.
bar x 5 for form practice,
95 lbs x 8, 105lbs x 8, 115 lbs x 7, 120 lbs x 6, 125 lbs x 5, 130 lbs x 5, 135 lbs x 3, 140 lbs x 3, 150 lbs x1.

Depth jumps from bench: 3x5

Front Squats:
105 lbs: 3x20

Leg Extensions:
100 lbs x 18, 5, 5, 5.
I did these with minimal rest to get a good pump in the legs

Standing Calf Raises:
245 lbs x 16, 10, 10
These were supersetted with lat pulldowns

Lat Pulldowns:
80 lbs x 15, 10, 10, 8

Rear Delt Row:
Done on machine:
90 lbs x 7, 6, 5

Farmers Walks:
75 lb dumbbells x 2 sets for max distance.

All in all, took about an hour to accomplish. My lower body feels good and worked but not tired, so i figure today was a successful day.

Re: Bringing Back Big Red from the Dead.

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:37 am
by Red144
April 24th, 2012:

Deload Overhead Press day:

Barbell shoulder press, standing:
95 lbs: 3x6
This is the weight i would have used for the 5x10 accessory work, just did a few sets as a warmup.

Seated Shoulder Press (machine, neutral grip):
70 lbs: 10,9,8,8

Cable Rows (neutral grip):
80 lbs: 13, 4x10
supersetted with seated shoulder press

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions (overhead):
50 lbs x 10, 8, 8

Tricep Pulldowns (rope):
50 lbs: 3x10
supersetted w/ shoulder raises
Was having a problem with getting a full contraction with my left arm, the right was compensating for it a little bit. I will have to really focus on that to make sure i don't favor one side in the future.

Front Shoulder Raises:
15 lb dumbbells: 3x10


Depth jumps from bench:

Kept the weights lighter and left gas in the tank on all (most) sets. I was having some stomach discomfort during the workout and that slowed my pace a little bit and my legs were a little bit sore from the day before, but overall was a good day.

Re: Bringing Back Big Red from the Dead.

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:46 am
by Red144
April 26th, 2012:

Deload Deadlift day:

Conventional Deadlift:
185 lbs x 3,3,3,3,3
I noticed how slow even this light weight was coming up off of the floor, my lockout was good and powerful though.

185 lbs: 3,3,3
Never really do these, i find it hard to sit back enough to get a good heel drive.

Dumbbell swings:
50 lbs: (each rep counts as two swings, one for each arm) 20, 10, 10, 7, 7, 6 for a total of 60 swings

Hyperextensions + 45 lb weight plate:
2 x 12


Cardio: biked for 10 mins at low intensity (heart rate monitor on machine sat at about 130 bph, who knows what it really was...)

I can't help but feel as if i didn't do enough today...But that is why it is a deload i suppose.