PT Pro Sales Tip: Create Email Group Lists

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PT Pro Sales Tip: Create Email Group Lists

Post by jas » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:27 pm

Hello ExRx,

It has been a while since I’ve posted. I’m going to post a few new items and here’s the first one.

PT Sales Pro Tip: Create Group Email Lists!

Regardless if you are just starting to build your business or have a full client base, the following can help with retention, growth and referrals.

More importantly, you’ll have another platform to share your health and fitness knowledge while working on your business! Win, Win!

Here are a few types of groups email lists:

1. “Prospect Follow Up” List:
Members who you met on the fitness floor and offered advice. If you offer advice to a member while on the fitness floor then politely ask if you can keep in touch via email and follow up with other tips and/or invite them for complimentary assessment session.

The point is you don’t want to hold them from their workout and offering to send an email will shorten the conversation and you’ll have a chance to follow up with your tips.

2. “Decline Personal Training” List:
Members who you met for complimentary assessment session but declined to buy personal training.
Thank them for meeting with you then ask them if you could periodically reach out and check in with their progress and brief them on new workshops, promotions or share info related to their goals.

3. “Inactive Clients” List:
After your client decides to stop training remind them that you will periodically check in with their progress and share info related to their goals. You can also mention referrals are much appreciated.

Building a business starts by building relationships.

There’s nothing better than real face time or one to one conversation with a prospect however we usually need to build trust and a relationship prior to getting that appointment.

It’s 100% possible to show your sincerity and desire to be of service via email.

We want to promote conversation and questions so we can show our value as personal trainers.

That’s just a few group email examples. If you start today in three to six months you’ll have more opportunities that can be reached in less time. Imagine how much your list would grow in a year!

You will also get better with creating email campaigns and targeting specific demographics/needs.

Thanks for reading and remember I just want to contribute to our community and hope this post helps trainers who rely on sales to provide their services.

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