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A-List Personal Training Tip: Grassroots Marketing. Flyers.

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:55 pm
by jas
A-List PT Tip: Grassroots marketing. Flyers

I know it’s not popular today however there was a time when business relied more on face to face marketing and networking with local businesses and community centers.

I just updated my flyer and carry with them where I go. Sometimes I post them on local community boards in supermarkets, coffee shops and parks.

I even introduce myself in beauty salons, real estate offices, libraries and hand them my flyer. Once I mention I’m a local small business owner the recipient becomes more welcoming to my flyer. If I have an event coming up then I’ll mention that too.

This is just an old school method that I personally enjoy and part of an overall marketing strategy that includes follow ups and evolves with time and technology.

Hope this helps and give it a try!

PS: Do not post flyers where prohibited.