Self-Sabotaged Fitness Goals:

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Self-Sabotaged Fitness Goals:

Post by jas » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:31 pm

Self-Sabotaged Fitness Goals:
Fat Loss Myths, Fad Diets & “ABC” Personal Trainers

By Julio A. Salado., NSCA-CPT., USAW Coach" onclick=";return false;

Are you revisiting a past fitness goal? Congratulations on not giving up and read on! This article is written to save you time, frustration, energy and money. I want to stop you from self-sabotaging your fitness goals!

Training for any goals takes physical and mental “Discipline”, contrary to what popular fitness “personalities” promise with their gadgets and products. The truth is that the media whether in print, internet or TV, will heavily promote these individuals and products because it “sells”, not because it yields long lasting results. Ironically, 99% of these “effective” tools offered in infomercials are not found in fitness clubs.

Prior to purchasing, I suggest researching the ‘fitness personalities’ accreditations and also compare the fitness products “guarantees” to evidence based exercise science (and common sense). For example, how can an “abdominal tool” in itself lead to “fat loss”? If it did then would not gyms and fitness professional be out of business? What it may lead to is a “6 pack” underneath a layer of adipose fat. Unfortunately, this type of honest marketing would not sell many units. Save your money and instead learn total body exercises; these utilize more muscles per movement and have a higher caloric expenditure. They are a time efficient workout that can be done in less than 45 minutes.

Design your own workout with the “F.I.T.T.” principle:

Frequency: How often per week you will exercise e.g. 3-5/week
Intensity: Level of intensity. Consult with health professional.
Timed: Duration of exercises e.g. 30-55minutes.
Type: Type of exercises e.g. resistance training, kettle bells.

The “F.I.T.T.” principle helps you with structuring a program based on your schedule, accessible equipment and goals.

Fad diets and yo-yo weight gain go hand in hand. It is a never ending rollercoaster ride until one decides on living a healthy lifestyle. It is very interesting how these “miracle diets” guarantee “weight loss”. Companies are smart enough (for legal reasons) not to guarantee “fat loss”. You will primarily lose water and muscle with these diets which will decrease your metabolism. Focus more on nutrition awareness, writing a daily nutrition diary, identifying the main sources for white sugar, white flour and salt, then choose healthy alternatives and finally compare your caloric intake to daily activities.

“ABC” personal trainers, these are paid fitness “professionals” who forgo a fitness assessment, designing a customized program and primarily exercise your “Abs, Biceps, Calves and sometimes Traps”! These are “feel good” exercises and not efficient exercise for burning calories or development of lean muscles. You may find these trainers with coffee in hand overseeing their fat loss client doing dumbbell shrugs followed by a series of abdominal exercises and finishing the session with an exhilarating calf stretch on the “Step & Stretch”. This method of working out is a form of “self-sabotaging” a client’s fat loss goals.

If you hire a personal trainer and they do not perform a fitness assessment then how can they customize a program tailored for your goals and track your progress? You are better off taking a group exercise class.

All fitness goals are achievable. Rather than having one unrealistic goal to be achieved in 2 months, set mini goals with a realistic timetable that leads to your overall goal. Starting a nutrition diary, joining a gym, attending a group exercise class, hiring a personal trainer can all be mini goals.

There are many evidence based resources on the internet and at your local library for fitness, nutrition and exercising. You can also consult with a fitness professional at your local gym and make use of what they have to offer. Regardless of the source never be afraid to ask questions.
Lastly remember, it is never too late to train “SMARTER” and stop the cycle of self-sabotaging your fitness goal!

For more health & fitness info visit or email me at [email protected].
Be well and stay ACTIVE!!

Julio A. Salado, NSCA C.P.T.
Fitness Foundry designed for healthy living.©
Kettle Bell & TRX Instructor
USAW Level 1 Coach
Email: [email protected]

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