Have you tried The 4x4 Workout for Strength & Power?

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Have you tried The 4x4 Workout for Strength & Power?

Post by jas » Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:50 pm

Good day,

Looking for a new challenge, then try the 4x4 workout. It takes some creativity in pairing the exercises and experience with exercises to safely get the most out of the workout. Here are my personal requirements, 4 Exercises, 4 Reps & 4 Sets, resistance 75% to 85% of PR. In this workout, you will see 1 Arm 100lbs Dumbbell Power Clean to Front Squat, Alternating Incline 100lbs Dumbbell Chest Press, Single leg 100lbs. Deadlift & 1 Arm 100lbs Power Snatches! Now that I am pushing 40 years young, I also prove that "WE get BETTER with age"!

Feel free in sharing your 4x4 workout and experience.

Be well and stay ACTIVE!!

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