2010 State-of-the-art in Spinal Control: A symposium of inte

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2010 State-of-the-art in Spinal Control: A symposium of inte

Post by supertrain-int » Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:59 pm

Here’s one for all of the science nerds amongst us – especially those who work with or want to know more about lower back pain.

Last year I attended a workshop that resulted from Professor Paul Hodges (yes, the TVA guy!) getting together 17 of the worlds top back pain researchers for three days in November 2009 to try and nut out what they knew and didn’t know about Lower Back Pain, in short, where they agreed and where they didn’t. Stu MacGill was in attendance and Prof Hodges said that they had NUMEROUS discussions. Here is a summary of what went down (I’ll try to post a more complete summary later)

Areas divergence/convergence of opinions on Lower Back Pain? Four Topics
1. Which treatment for back pain?
a. Is Motor Control training better than other interventions?
b. Should we Train specific muscles?
c. Should treatment be Individualised and how?
2. Link between proprioception and back pain
a. What aspects are important?
b. How measure it?
c. Can we train it?
3. Which Biomechanical models of spine should use
a. Are static models sufficient?
b. How should these affect practise?
4. Are motor control changes cause or effect of back pain? Target of primary or secondary prevention?
a. Do proceed and/or follow pain?
b. Cause recurrence of pain?
c. Do they excite nocioceptors?

As well as a short summary of what they talked about, we had four leaders summarising the areas of research that they specialised in. Apparently the whole things was recorded and will be available some time in the future. The same roadshow (or very similar depending on the location and availability of the guests) is being taken worldwide this year here is the blurb straight from their website:
“State-of-the-art in Spinal Control: A symposium of international leaders”
There are many different views about spinal control, how this changes in spinal pain, and the best options for rehabilitation. This field is evolving rapidly as are the different opinions. This symposium brings together research leaders from Europe, North America and Australia to present the latest in spinal biomechanics and neuromuscular control. The aims of the session are:
(i) to consider spinal control from different perspectives;
(ii) to consider the convergence and divergence in the field;
(iii) consider the implications for rehabilitation; and
(iv) demonstrate contemporary clinical management strategies for spinal pain

It will be held at the following locations

Series 1
Ireland/United Kingdom/Netherlands - June 2010
Dublin, Ireland Friday June 11th, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm) University College Dublin
Amsterdam, Netherlands Saturday June 12th, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm) Vrije University
Edinburgh, Scotland Sunday June 13th, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm), University of Edinburgh
London, England Monday June 14th, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm), Roehampton University

Series 2 United States/Canada - August 2010
Miami, USA Sunday August 22nd, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm), Miami Beach Convention Center
Chicago, USA Monday August 23rd, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm), Northwestern University
Toronto, Canada Saturday August 28th, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm), TBC
Montreal, Canada Sunday August 29th, 2010 (8:30am - 3pm), McGill University

Series 3 United States - November 2010
San Francisco, California Saturday November 6th, 2010
Seattle, Washington Sunday November 7th, 2010
San Diego, California Saturday November 13th, 2010
Denver, Colorado Sunday November 14th, 2010

More Information at http://uq.edu.au/ccre-spine/2010-state- ... al-control

David Driscoll
Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist and Sports Dietitian

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Which one are you attending?