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Need help?

Post by Hurtme » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:50 am

I'm 54, and need to do muscle-strengthening to prevent osteoporosis. Don't want to do anything to build muscle appearance, but wouldn't mind being stronger. I'm battling arthritis, to a certain extent, in knees and hands.

My husband is having a mid-life crisis (he's 68, so he's late!) and just bought a bunch of dumbbells and a flat-incline-decline bench (for which we will be getting a leg attachment soon, I hope) to build up his muscles, so I have these resources available.

I know this site has a very thorough and exhaustive 'library' of exercises -- but what's the easiest way to build a routine for myself that utilizes ONLY bodyweight, dumbbells, and makes good use of the new bench?

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